Zinc for Boosting Testosterone

We have already mentioned a couple of different ways you can raise your testosterone levels to boost your mood. If you’ve been reading our previous posts, we’ve talked about how to boost testosterone using weight lifting, the right diet, and cold therapy

This time, we talk about how taking supplements can help with this. Specifically, the use of zinc for boosting testosterone levels in your body.

Ways to Use Zinc for Boosting Testosterone & Improving Mood

Zinc is a nutrient required for producing testosterone in our bodies. Therefore, if you’re low on it, you won’t be providing sufficient levels.

If you’re eating the right diet, rich in nuts and seeds, the chances are that you’re probably producing enough. Foods like oysters are also packed with this vital substance. 

Contrastingly, if you consume a vegan diet, or aren’t eating zinc dense foods, you could be lacking in it. As a guide, you should be consuming between 30 and 50mg of zinc per day. If you’re unable to achieve this, you should consider using zinc supplements.

The guidance is not to take them any longer than four months as zinc can lower copper reserves in the body. Have a break from taking zinc for a few months, then continue taking it if you still need to. 

You might have heard of the herb ‘Tribulus Terrestris’ which claims to improve testosterone levels in the male body. The truth is that no studies yet exist to support this, so be wary of using this herb and instead, use zinc for boosting testosterone.

Zinc for Boosting TestosteroneUsing Zinc for Boosting Testosterone. Our Final Opinions

As we’ve mentioned already, there are a couple of ways you can increase testosterone levels in your body, which can have a positive effect on your mood.

These include weight lifting, diet and cold therapy. Also, taking the right supplements which are proven to increase testosterone could be another viable route, including zinc which can be taken between 30 and 50 mg.

Just make sure not to take too much for too long. Ultimately, avoid products which aren’t scientifically proven to boost testosterone, like the herb ‘Tribulus Terrestris’.