Working For Yourself

Working For Yourself

As a man approaching fifty, there are a few options in terms of a career. You may already be in employment or self-employment. You may have your own ideas on this. I just wanted to use this blog post to share my experience of working for yourself.

Working for yourself is a great place to be. If you let it. One of the most exciting aspects of it for me is that I am in charge of my own self development. Far too many companies only support employees in training if it is for their own end. You would totally expect that. If they invest in training, then it is for their own good. But they may not necessarily know what is good for you. Becoming a better person is great for their business. But it often gets pushed aside for technical training.

Working for yourself, you are in control of these decisions. So, guess what? If you feel that mindfulness training is going to help you become a better businessman then go for it. And the other decision is how you learn. If you learn more by reading then you are in control of that. I am currently reading Mindset : Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential and find it is really helping me develop as a self-employed person.

Working For Yourself

Working For Yourself: What Can You Do?

If you are wondering what all this working for yourself thing is all about, then you will also be wondering what you could do. I would say here that you should follow your passions. I love writing. So I became a writer. I love writing for myself and for others. It makes the days pass without the stress I felt when working for someone else. There are still elements of a normal working day, though. These include –

With these things, you will see a familiarity. But there are parts of working for yourself that will come as a bit of a change – if not then a bit of a surprise.

Working For Yourself

Working For Yourself: What Is Different?

One of the first things that struck me when I started working for myself is that I wasn’t just my own job function any more. I wasn’t just the writer. I was also the marketing department, the finance function, the guy who chased people for money. All of that. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I started working for myself but I have grown into it.

The plus side here is that you can outsource a load of stuff. If you don’t fancy doing your taxes then there will be someone ready to do it for you. There are also plenty of apps and other software that can make your job easier. Look for the ones that ease your pain!


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