Why Men Need Vitamin D in Their Diet: An Approaching 50 Guide

Why Men Need Vitamin D In Their Diet
Men's body needs vitamin D

It used to be the fact that doctors worried about Vitamin D deficiency in younger children. Vitamin D prevents the disease called rickets from forming. As we got older, doctors clamed down and we felt like we were out of the woods.We weren’t sure why men need Vitamin D in their diet but were sure that they should.

Advances in medical technology have shed more light on the issue. It seems that rickets was only one of the problems associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Men need Vitamin D in their diet to help stave off the follow problems –

• Osteoporosis
• Hip fractures
• Muscle weakness
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Arthritis

And a lack of Vitamin D is symptomatic of general poor health. We have nurtured our body through the first forty-odd years of life. We really want the same body to last us for the next 40-odd years too, at least. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at why men need vitamin D in their diet.


Where Do I get Vitamin D From?

You will find, if you do some research, that not many foods out there contain significant amounts of Vitamin D. There are a few choices such as oily fish, beef liver, egg yolks and cheese. Tuna, salmon and mackerel are the oily fish of choice here. But you may not get a lot of these in your natural diet. Beef liver is an acquired taste, while egg yolks see their Vitamin D content break down when cooked.

Many breakfast cereals, along with the milk we pour on them, have been fortified with Vitamin D. This means that Vitamin D has been added to the mix. You might also find that fruit juices have had the same treatment. So, breakfast might be the meal where we get the most Vitamin D in our systems.

Sunlight is the natural source of Vitamin D and is where our ancestors would have derived most of their intake from. But with lives now lived between sheltered homes and sheltered work places, as well as shopping malls, we end up depriving ourselves of Vitamin D. Getting outside and soaking up some of the rays of the sun is a great way to get that vital Vitamin D in our system. Don’t forget to apply the suntan lotion, though.

Why Men Need Vitamin D In Their Diet - sunlight

Any Other Sources Of Vitamin D?

If you aren’t in a place where you can get enough of the above, then a supplement is usually the best way to help your body. Why men need Vitamin D in their diet is obvious, how they get it isn’t always quite so.

I recommend a vitamin that has a mix of different vitamins and nutrients. Vitolize For Men is just that. It helps you get Vitamin D in your system quickly and effectively, while topping up other vitamins, nutrients and minerals that you might be missing from your life.

Why Men Need Vitamin D In Their Diet - supplements

Why Men Need Vitamin D In Their Diet

As we get older (yes, I know it’s happening) our body doesn’t process the Vitamin D from sunlight quite as well as it used to. It is activated in the skin and then processed in the kidney. Both of these organs function less effectively as we age then they used to. Coupled with the fact we don’t get enough sunlight in the first place, this is why men need Vitamin D in their diet.

You can have too much Vitamin D, so make sure you only take the amount prescribed on the label.

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