Weight Loss Men Over 40: Part 1

weight loss men over 40

Lots of men over 40 struggle with weight loss because they simply aren’t ‘getting it right’. What we mean by this is that many individuals believe the success to weight loss men over 40 is by simply cutting out carbs, reducing portions and increasing exercise. The reality is that up to 92% of men who try this approach fail to lose weight. The good news is that there is a proven five-step plan that will work and we will introduce this today.

What we will start by saying is that at the age of 40, you cannot use the same technique you used to lose weight back in your twenties as your body has evolved since then. What we mean by this is that your body is now experiencing metabolic and hormonal changes which your weight loss routine needs to be accustomed to.

weight loss men over 40Five Core Principles for Weight Loss Men Over 40

  1. Sleep. You need regular and sufficient sleep so that the biochemical processes in your body will burn fat better. This is the first step towards weight loss men over 40.
  2. Mindset. You can’t simply lose weight by jumping headfirst into the deep end. Instead, you need to visualise what you could look like when you achieve this, before embarking upon your journey.
  3. Nutrition. Nutrition is the main thing you’ll need to focus on in order to lose weight. You are what you eat, and making changes to your diet alone is the most powerful thing you can do to shift those excess pounds.
  4. Daily Activity. Don’t confuse this with exercise. Daily activity is things such as walking and basic movement needed to lose weight, otherwise known as ‘baseline activity’.
  5. Formal Exercise. Once you’ve established and put into action all the other steps, you can then begin your workout regime, whatever that might look like.

Check in next time where we will introduce the first vital step in your weight loss journey and how to lose weight for men.