Up Your Work Life Balance Strategy

Up Your Work Life Balance Strategy

Last time, we talked about the three most important ways to up your work life balance strategy. These include proper planning, staying organised and only focusing on the most important tasks. This time, we will introduce our other ways to enhance your work life balance. 

4 Practical Steps to Up Your Work Life Balance Strategy

Here are four other ways you can begin to up your work life balance strategy including saying ‘no’, better managing your emails, delegating and taking time out for yourself. 

Saying ‘No’. If you feel overwhelmed by others, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ from time to time. You might find this difficult. However, saying now gives you more time to set important priorities and complete your most critical tasks. 

Proper Email Management. Most of us spend far too much time sending and managing our business emails. Yet, if this is done correctly, we can cut this down a lot. A great starting point is to try to draft shorter emails. It’s surprising how well you can convey your original message while keeping it much shorter and succinct. 

Delegating. Sometimes, running a business can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re self-employed and have to do everything yourself. If you feel swamped, delegate tasks to another professional, especially the ones you feel are low priority or trivial. Just be sure to choose someone you can trust to get the job done.

Taking a Break. Working at 100% capacity all day every day is impossible. It can wear you down and cause nothing but cynicism about your business and clients. So, make sure to pause and take time out. Work on your business at your own pace, and make things right with your customers, but don’t obsess.