Top 5 Recommended Diets for Men Approaching 50

Top 5 Recommended Diets for Men

As you approach the age of 50, being the right weight can be important to your health and help fend off diseases or illnesses. Or perhaps you simply want to feel better in yourself by shedding a few pounds. Regardless of what your goals are, choosing the right diet to help get you there can be perplexing. Of course, you could go and see a nutritionist, but they can be expensive, and it can be hard to fit into your schedule around other commitments. Another viable option is to simply choose one of the top 5 recommended diets for men that are currently available. So long as you are confident it is right for you.


Here are some popular diets trending at the moment. Do you think any of them might be good for you?

Low carb. This is one of the most popular diets at the moment and as its name suggests, involves eating foods of low carbohydrates whilst avoiding high ones such as noodles, white bread, and rice. Stay away from this one if you suffer cardiac problems. A diet with some carbohydrates can regulate blood pressure.

Low fat. If you’re looking for permanent weight loss, low fat is one of the best available out of the top 5 recommended diets for men. Although it may take a little longer than other diets to lose weight, it will stay off longer. This diet may result in hunger pangs, but persevere and you will eventually see changes. The good news also with this diet is it’s good for men with heart problems. The heart functions better with lower levels of fat in your body.

Top 5 Recommended Diets for MenHigh protein. There are a couple of diets that are high in protein, Atkins being a popular choice. This is a low carb, high protein diet consisting of foods such as bacon and eggs. Eventually, you will somewhat lower the cholesterol in your body whilst lowering the amount of fat stored there. Overall, your blood pressure could also fall as well.

AMA diet. This type of diet aims to promote healthier food choices which not only helps you lose weight but also develops a healthier heart. As such, consumption of foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat is encouraged, whilst foods high in fat and cholesterol are avoided. Additionally, the diet also requires participants to adopt healthier lifestyle choices such as cutting out cigarettes and reducing alcohol consumption.

Zone diet. This is an interesting choice of diet, which actually helps you re-work your body’s metabolism. The aim is to work towards a diet that contains 30% fat, 30% protein, and 40% carbs. The result? Better heart health, reduced blood pressure and weight loss. This works whether you are a vegetarian, meat eater or vegan, so balance your diet.