The Health Benefits of Sleep – Part Two

The health benefits oif sleep to stop you dropping off during the day

We all know how important it is to feel refreshed and ready to face the day. But quality sleep is about so much more than this. The health benefits of sleep go far deeper than just relaxation and refreshment. And for men over the age of 50 this is a vital part of being well.

You will probably have already checked out our first part of this double guide to the health benefits of sleep and be raring to go on part two. So here it is – the conclusion of the health benefits of sleep – hope you enjoy!

The Health Benefits of Sleep – Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (what we formerly called adult-onset diabetes) is striking people at a younger and younger age. It is all linked to the diet we consume. The war on fat has been waging for decades now, but the real enemy at least as far as Type 2 Diabetes is concerned, is sugar. It is early days still, but the research suggests a strong link between the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes and a lack of sleep. All we know at the moment is that a good night’s sleep could be really important in the effort to stave off the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

The Health Benefits of Sleep – Helps You Perform Better

There have been studies on how quality sleep affects athletic performance. In one study, basketball players were measured on their performance level connected to their sleep. As we get older, exercise becomes a more and more important part of our daily lives. Sitting at a desk all day has been shown to be an unhealthy way of living. Getting plenty of exercise is one thing. Making sure it is high quality and you perform as well as you can is another thing altogether. Get quality sleep and you will see your performance levels soar. And this includes bedroom athletics too!

The health benefits of sleep make you happy

The Health Benefits of Sleep – Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is something that we usually can’t see but is linked heavily to many of the diseases that affect us, especially as we approach the age of 50. Inflammation is linked to –

And more. Getting quality sleep can lift all of this. Studies have shown that inflammation and cell damage can be repaired during long quality sleep. Missing out on this means you miss out on that time of repair, preparing your body for the rigours of the next day.

The Health Benefits of Sleep – Affects How You Interact With Others

Social interaction is a major part of life. Whether it’s those regular chats with the neighbours, quality time with the kids and your partner or meetings at work, you have to read facial expressions, make connections and give off the right signals in order to interact effectively with others. A lack of sleep can seriously impact your ability to do this well. People who had been deprived of sleep had a significantly reduced ability to recognise expressions of happiness or anger in one study.

Getting the full 8 hours (or whatever works for your body, mind and lifestyle) is a significant factor in making sure you interact well with others for the good of your relationships and work life.

The health benefits of sleep for men approaching 50

The Health Benefits of Sleep – A Natural Painkiller

You may think this one is counterintuitive as sleeping when in pain doesn’t always come naturally but bear with me on this. Quality sleep helps the body to build and repair overnight. And this is vitally important to beating pain. There have been a number of studies into the link between a low pain threshold and sleep loss. Simply put, the more sleep you get, the better chance you have of that injury feeling less painful the next morning.

Sleep is a much-underestimated part of our health and wellness. Think about how you can get the most from your sleep. Consider a Fitness Tracker with Sleep Monitor Smartwatch that might help you to see the quality of your sleep before seeing how you can make simple changes to the way you sleep.

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