Shifting the Fat Men Over 40: Part 6

Did you have the chance to read part 5? We talked about the importance of moving around during the day to meet your minimum movement threshold. This can help suppress your hunger, therefore help you in shifting the fat men over 40. This is particularly important for men who have sedentary office jobs as it’s much more challenging to achieve. Nevertheless, by getting into a routine of moving about regularly during the day, this can really make a difference in your weight loss journey. 

Exercises for Shifting the Fat Men Over 40

There are two exercises you should focus on for shifting the fat men over 40. These include:

  1. Fat-Burning Interval Cardio. This type of activity is twice as effective at burning fat than slogging it out on the treadmill, which can be a particular type of torture for most men approaching 50.
  2. Strength Training. Strength training not only helps with natural anti-ageing but is also an effective way to boost weight loss hormones in your body. So, instead of ‘pumping the iron’ in the gym for hours, do some basic strength training and reap the weight loss benefits it brings.

For ultimate success in shifting the fat men over 40, do a combination of interval cardio and strength training and watch the pounds soon melt away. Just be sure that all the other necessary things are in place, however. Nutrition always comes before exercise.

shifting the fat men over 40You Now Have All the Tools Necessary for This Purpose

We have now covered everything you need to do in your journey to lose weight. But as a reminder:

Once you have all these steps nailed, it’s then time to start your exercise regime. Good luck with your weight loss journey!