Result of No Work Life Balance

Result of No Work Life Balance

If you went to uni, the result of no work life balance as a young twenty-something wouldn’t have hit you until later on. You may have wasted most of your time away on terrible day time TV, the odd visit to the students union and perhaps even the library or odd lecture here and there. 

With this in mind, once you hit your early 20’s and are working full time, chances are that you could begin to experience aches, pains and stress of the daily grind. Perhaps these problems as a result of no work life balance remain with you even now?

How to Recognise Things That Are A Result of No Work Life Balance

No work life balance tends to present itself in many ways. However, pain, tiredness and change in attitude are most common. Here’s a little more explanation…Growth Mindset

Pain. If you suffer head, neck or shoulder pain, this is a surefire way of your body telling you that you’re under too much strain. So, it’s time to take better care of yourself. Take a bath or shower when you need it, use an aromatherapy diffuser to relax or perhaps even take a day out at your local spa.

Tiredness. Getting between six and eight hours of sleep every night? You’re one of the lucky ones! However, you may be doing this, but still somehow manage to feel drained upon waking the next morning. This is your brain telling you that you need to take a back seat and slow things down.

Little Patience. If you’re constantly snapping at your friends or colleagues, it’s time to step back and calm down. Each day, remember what you’re thankful for and write a list. This will allow you to refocus your mind on more positive things and respect those closest to you. 

Tune in next time when we will explain more symptoms of no work life balance. Including lack of enjoyment in life, struggles with relationships and a messy home or working environment.