Parenting Adolescent Boys (Emotional): Part 2

Parenting Adolescent Boys (Emotional)

If you checked in last time, you’ll know we mentioned the importance of using compassion when parenting adolescent boys (emotional) rather than basing your relationship on trust.

This time, we will talk about responsibility and how you can teach this to your teenage son.

The Best Techniques for Parenting Adolescent Boys (Emotional)

The world tends not to look favourably on irresponsible people. In fact, the sanctions can be severe. 

Children aren’t born with responsibility within them. Their parents must teach them this through their own actions and children can pick this up until the age of thirteen. After this, children must begin to learn life lessons, some of which can be difficult.Parenting Adolescent Boys (Emotional)

Therefore, making sure your child grows into a responsible adolescent is one of the most compassionate things you can do when parenting adolescent boys (emotional).

Kids need to be aware that they need to adopt the right behaviour by using their power responsibly. They need to learn that by acting irresponsibly, they will suffer a penalty. For example, if they are caught speeding, they will be issued a fine. Or if they falsify their tax statements, they could face a prison sentence.

Adolescent Boys Learn Responsibility Through Their Parents Behaviour

This has been shown to have a same-sex bias. In other words, teenage girls tend to learn from their mother’s behaviour, while adolescent boys observe their fathers. 

The critical thing to remember is not to place excess amounts of blame on your son, as this can lead to anger problems. Specifically, in teenage boys with high testosterone levels. 

Ultimately, parents need to show responsible behaviour in everything they do while admitting their mistakes as well.