Paleo Diet Men Over 40

Paleo Diet Men Over 40

Paleo Diet Men Over 40. Unfortunately, most men who experience health problems tend to fall in the age bracket of between 40 and 50.

Between these troublesome ages, most men are married with children, and may even have the added pressure of having to deal with a stressful job. This can result in a lack of exercise and a very poor diet full of foods packed in trans-fats, sodium, carbs, dairy and sugar.

Thankfully, the paleo diet men over 40 can counteract some of these problems. Read on to find out more.

How the Paleo Diet Men Over 40 Started Off

This is a far cry to what our ancestors were eating over one million years ago. This was the time of the hunter-gatherer who scavenged for plant and animal-based foods. Something we refer to as the paleo diet or caveman diet today.

When agriculture and farming came into existence around 10,000 years ago, things changed once more. Foods that couldn’t be previously consumed like beans, potatoes and wheat could now be cooked using the new invention of fire.

Although on face value, this appears to be positive, the reality was that humans were now developing health conditions they previously didn’t have to deal with. Just some of them include Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. The prevalence of such conditions increased as humans began eating a grain and dairy-based diet.

Grains, in particular, were responsible for these problems. When digested, they produce excess sugar which the body doesn’t need in abundance.

The good news is that if you are a man over 40 or are even perhaps approaching 50, and want to lower your risk of developing chronic health conditions, you can do so by taking part in the paleo diet men over 40.

Still unsure what the paleo diet is all about? Be sure to check in with us next time when we will answer this question in more detail.