Osteoporosis and Men Approaching 50

Osteoporosis and Men Approaching 50

One major change that occurs as we turn 50 is the possible onset of andropause. Something comparable to the female version of the menopause and represented by a fall in testosterone levels.

However, this isn’t the only problem men approaching fifty have to deal with. Declining eyesight, fading hair colour, reduced cognition and immunity are just some of the other things we might have to face.

Reduced muscle mass and bone density can also be problematic. Today, this is the issue we will explore. Specifically, osteoporosis.

Why is Osteoporosis a Problem for Men Approaching 50?

Osteoporosis is when our bones become less dense, making sufferers more prone to fractures. Hormonal changes in men approaching fifty can result in bone loss as a result of certain hormones like testosterone and estradiol.

By the time they’ve reached 50, as many as 20% of all males have this condition. The incidence of which gradually increases as we age. Thankfully, there are things men over 50 can do to lower its impact. Such as weight-bearing exercise, resistance training and taking vitamin D and calcium supplements.

Osteoporosis and Men Approaching 50Osteoporosis and Men Approaching 50

Problems like declining eyesight, fading hair colour, poorer cognition and immunity become more of an issue as men reach their fiftieth milestone. One of the main ones can be osteoporosis. The lowering of bone density which can lead the sufferer to become more prone to fractures.

This condition can develop as a result of the reduction of estradiol and testosterone in the body which does decrease as we age. If you suffer from osteoporosis yourself, there are things you can do, like taking more exercise, and supplements to ease symptoms.