Mental Health Men vs Women

Mental Health Men vs Women

Something which is affecting both Mental Health Men vs Women around the world is mental health issues. While a large proportion of both males and females suffer mental health problems, only a low percentage of them seek treatment.

Furthermore, mental health problems affect men and women in different ways. And so, for professionals to provide the best treatment possible, they need to know these differences.

How Mental Health Issues Might Appear in Men

Men suffering from depression might display anger or violence, such as aggression or irritation. Moreover, these signs are commonly overlooked. The problem here is that if left untreated, the issue may only get worse. Eventually, some men turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, while in women, this is less common.

Mental Health Men vs WomenHow Mental Health Issues Might Appear in Women

Just like males, females experiencing mental health problems commonly struggle with depression as well. However, this diagnosis tends to be higher in females than in males. In particular, women are more known to suffer from season affective disorder in winter. Symptoms of depression in women tend to be different than men. They may eat more and gain more weight, or sleep too much while also suffer feelings of guilt. While most men direct inner problems ‘outward’, women tend to accept blame, resulting in feelings of worthlessness or sadness.

Want to Know More About Mental Health Men vs Women?

Check-in with us next time where we will explain about common mental health issues experienced in men and women.