Keto Diet Males Over 40: Part 2

Keto Diet Males Over 40

If you had the opportunity to look at part 1, we briefly introduced the keto diet males over 40 and how this can help you lose weight. In part 2, we will discuss the food and drink you can and can’t eat as part of this plan so that you can maximise your weight loss as much as possible.

The key to success with keto is to choose foods with the lowest levels of digestible carbs per 100g available. Although vegetables which grow above ground, along with cheese and eggs are all moderate sources of this, foods like seafood, fish and meats tend to be even better.

Consuming as few carbs as you can will help you reach ketosis even quicker. Try to keep your daily carb intake below 50g, or for even more dramatic results, below 20g. Doing this will accelerate your weight loss, improve your type 2 diabetes and ultimately help you reach ketosis quicker.

Counting carbs is a good strategy as you start off. However, there are many foods and recipes you can eat where you won’t need to do this.

Keto Diet Males Over 40Foods to Avoid for Keto Diet Males Over 40

Try not to eat foods filled with carbs whether the starchy or sugary type. This means avoiding foods like rice, bread, pasta and potatoes. Instead of consuming low-fat foods, eat ones with high levels of fat and protein. These will provide energy in place of the carbohydrates that would otherwise give you this before you started keto diet males over 40.

The Best Drinks for Keto Diet Males Over 40

The good news is that if you’re a tea or coffee addict, these are acceptable on the Keto diet. Just make sure not to consume too many as milk or cream soon adds up. Avoid using sugars or sweeteners in hot drinks. The odd glass of wine won’t do any harm either, but don’t overdo it.