How to Keep in Shape Men Over 40: Part 7

How to Keep in Shape Men Over 40: Part 7

Did you get the chance to check out part 6? If you did, you’ll know a bit more about how to do exercises properly in order to reduce the risk of injury as part of how to keep in shape men over 40.

This time around, we will continue this flavour. Except by also introducing some more exercises you can try. If you’re feeling in pain or your muscles feel stiff, we will explain the importance of switching up your routine in order to prevent further injury.

Then finally, we will finish with a couple more tips on how to warm up and cool down before and after hitting the gym.

Learning How to Keep in Shape Men Over 40? Try These Routines For Ultimate Success!

Back Hyperextensions. Try and strengthen your lower back by rounding it, but do this slowly. Any sudden movements can result in injury.

Back Exercises. Try to lock and arch your back when doing rowing or deadlifts. A bench or weight machine can be used to support this. If you’re not sure, ask your personal trainer for advice.

One thing we don’t recommend is asking some random stranger in the gym for advice. Chances are that they could be doing their routines wrong anyway. Not everyone that is lifting big weights is automatically an expert.

how to keep in shape men over 40When Learning How to Keep in Shape, You’ll Also Need to Try These…

Substitutions on the Fly. It’s common to experience soreness through regular gym use for men fitness. Attempt to switch up your routine rather than simply ‘working through the pain’ as this can make the injury much worse.

Warming up and Cooling Down. Always warm-up for five minutes before you jump straight into your gym routine. Using the treadmill is ideal for this or by doing some stretching for men fitness. Never stretch on cold muscles as this could pull or tear them.