How to Get Toned Men Over 40

How to Get Toned Men Over 40

When learning how to get toned men over 40, there are three main areas you need to focus on. Cardiovascular exercise for your heart, strength training for muscles, and flexibility exercises for balance.

In terms of cardiovascular exercise, there are lots of options available. Some of the most popular include running, jogging, swimming, biking and tennis.

Over to strength training, and the experts recommend doing this every other day. Start your routine by doing whole-body exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups or squats. Then you can work on individual areas. 10 reps is a good place to start.

There’s plenty of choice for strength training in the gym, such as weight machines and free weights. You may even want to give resistance bands a go. They work your muscles, but you don’t have to lift any weights.

For the flexibility part of your routine, try giving yoga or tai chi a go.

How to Get Toned Men Over 40Fitness Plans & How to Get Toned Men Over 40

There are two great options for a weekly fitness plan for how to get toned men over 40.

The first is doing a thirty-minute brisk walk every day. Then on two of those days, replace this with some strength training.

The second involves three days of rest, then two days doing a twenty-five-minute jog, one-day doing strength training and a combined twenty-five-minute jog, then on the final day, strength training.

Enjoying your Fitness Regime is the Key to Success

Be sure to choose an exercise you enjoy. By doing something that is fun, your chances of success are much greater. It has also been shown that exercising along someone else will also maximise your chances of success.

Exercises like yoga are nice because they don’t just improve your flexibility and muscle mass, they also relax you and are good for ridding your body of stress. Similarly, Pilates strengthens muscles and can make you more flexible.


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