How to Get Fitter Men Over 40: Part 3

How to get fit men over 40

How to Get Fitter Men Over 40: Part 3

How to Get Fitter Men Over 40. Did you manage to have a look at part 2? We introduced the concept of split routines which work out different parts of the body over separate days. The main advantage of doing this is that it allows your body to become less prone to damage and injury during your quest of how to get fitter men over 40. However, there are others too. Such as being able to set your own schedule in your own time, whilst working to your own goals as well. Last time, we talked about the upper body – lower body – core & flexibility routine.

This time around, we will introduce another routine. The push – pull – core routine. Like the previous routine, this again focuses on different areas on different days. 

Push Day

On this day, you’ll have the chance to exercise your chest, shoulders, quads, triceps and calves within one workout. We think that working your triceps after your quads is better during your journey of how to get fitter men over 40. This is because they will have much needed time to rest after you’ve worked your shoulders and chest. Also, working quads on your first day is great as it gets the workout out the way, ensuring you don’t just skip it.

How to get fitter men over 40Pull Day

On this day, you’ll have chance to work your back, hamstring, glutes, biceps and forearms. It’s a great workout because it works a number of muscles at once, again getting it out the way to focus on other areas. We think it’s a particularly effective workout for mid-week because it works your middle back and lats. However, we recommend combining it with deadlifting which will focus on the hamstrings and glutes at the same time. After you’ve worked on your back, it’ll give you the chance to rest it, allowing your biceps to work independently, as you continue learning how to get fitter men over 40.


There are a number of different areas you can work on when focusing on your core fitness for men over 40. These include your abdominals, spinal erectors and hip flexors. The specific advantage of working this area of fitness for men over 40 is that it helps you maintain strength and flexibility whilst minimising the impact of injury. Overall, it makes you feel better as well.

Keep an eye out for part 4 this Thursday!