How to Cope with Turning 50: Part 1

How to Cope with Turning 50

Is your 50th only around the corner? You might be increasingly focused on the changes happening to your life, mind and body, while also thinking about age and mortality.

Perhaps you’re thinking of all you’ve achieved, and what else you’d like to achieve. No matter what your thoughts are, turn 50 gracefully, enjoy it, but continue to look after your health and well being.

The Best Ways in How to Cope with Turning 50

How Does Turning 50 Make You Feel?

For some, it can be a time of anxiety or uncertainty, however, this is totally normal.

Health and medical progress will have advanced significantly than the same milestone your mother or father reached.

So, take some time to think about how you feel turning 50. Doing this will allow you to accept it with open arms.

Be Graceful and Accept the Milestone Positively

Truth is, you can’t turn back the clock, although you’d really love to! Instead, try to accept and welcome turning 50.

Try and think about all the other people in your family who have turned 50 with grace. Remember, changes don’t happen overnight. So, embrace the milestone, as well as everything the next decade is going to offer.

Be positive, and remember … 50 is the new 30! Re-framing this important milestone this way takes away some of the anxiety and makes you realise a new path to an exciting life.

After all, age is just a number. Today, people are living longer and looking younger. In fact, some people in their 50s report feeling healthier than generations below them! As long as you eat healthily, exercise now and again, and keep stress to a minimum, this could well be the case.

Remember to check in next time when we will cover two other ways how you can cope with turning 50. 1. Looking back at your achievements, and 2. Throwing a party!