Freedom Of Speech Eroded Again: Why Facebook Are Wrong

headhunterclothing; Freedom Of Speech Eroded Again: Why Facebook Are Wrong

Freedom Of Speech Eroded Again: Why Facebook Are Wrong. The world has become a dangerous place. While politicians point the finger of blame in any direction but their own, pressure groups look to undermine the First Amendment of the United States of America. Social media platforms such as Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram. While they have been accused across the world of not doing enough to supress calls to violence and religious hatred, they jump all over adverts from Headhunters Clothing.

It’s a case of going after the little guy. It is an attack on the freedom of speech and the right for the average American to express themselves. And it starts here. The future of free speech rests on instances like this. In the coming years we could all look back on decisions like this and trace it to an erosion of personal rights. Scary stuff.

Scary stuff indeed when you see the kind of images that Facebook and Instagram don’t censor. There are hate groups of all persuasions left right and center on these platforms. Sexual images are becoming more of a worry for those of us with children who use social media platforms. Facebook would better serve the public by censoring this kind of content. That over an advertisement that doesn’t have any of the hatred, sex or violence that it is being accused of.

headhuntersclothing; Freedom Of Speech Eroded Again: Why Facebook Are Wrong

Attack On All Of Us

As a community, Facebook and Instagram allow people to connect and engage with others that they have similar interests in. People connect with others who like the same clothing, have the same interest in women and maybe exercise their right to bear arms.

The internet is swamped with violent and overtly sexual images and videos. To ban an advert because it merely suggests some of the themes above is a large step in the wrong direction. Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘using a sledgehammer to crack a nut?’ Well this is a whole series of sledgehammer blows to our freedom of speech.

The human body is something to behold. It is an amazing thing that we should treasure every day of the life. Does showing some parts of the body cause controversy/ It really should not. Just because this advert shows a model with curves and a handful of bullets, should this cause it to be banned? We certainly don’t think so for one second. How about you?

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Freedom Of Speech Eroded Again: Why Facebook Are Wrong

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