Fitness Plan Men Over 40

Fitness Plan Men Over 40

Fitness Plan Men Over 40.
Being ‘past it’ is a myth when it comes to starting out on a new health and fitness regime.

Anyone of any age can take up an exercise program, and it’s a proven way to prevent the most common health conditions or chronic illnesses.

In fact, a study which looked at over 18,000 participants discovered that the fitter they were, the lower the likelihood of developing health problems 26 years afterwards. Particularly with regards to serious conditions like dementia or osteoporosis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your early 40’s or perhaps even in your 80s. Getting started with a fitness regime is never too late for anyone. For those in their 40’s, it’s the perfect time to get a regular fitness regime going. Particularly as this is the time in our lives when we gradually lose muscle mass, which can result in balance problems and an increased risk of falls.

Fitness Plan Men Over 40How to Get Started With a Fitness Plan Men Over 40

If you’ve never really exercised before, starting off on a fitness plan men over 40 can be somewhat daunting. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Start by setting realistic goals, along with why you want to start the routine in the first place. Whether it is to lose weight or simply improve your health as a whole.

You will need to visit your doctor before you get started. If you have any existing medical conditions, they will assess your level of fitness and inform you which types of exercises are suitable.

Start off slowly and build gradually. You will be sore after your first exercise. This may be an indication you’re overdoing it so take it steady when first starting out.

It’s advised to exercise in short 10-minute bursts. Try to keep the intensity either medium or vigorous. Over time, you can build it up even more with more intense exercises like jogging and running.

Interval training is recommended at regular times during a workout. So if you’re walking, up your speed for a while, then return to normal every now and then. The next time you go for a run, try adding steeper inclines to your workout to increase your heart rate more.