Fighting Flab Men Over 40: Part 5

Fighting Flab Men Over 40

Back in part 4, we outlined the importance of eating the right foods in fighting flab men over 40. This time, the focus shifts to the importance of taking up regular activity, in contrast to jumping headfirst into a rigorous exercise regime.

Exercise shouldn’t be confused with daily activity. It serves a different purpose. Yet, exercise and daily activity both remain important in fighting flab men over 40. Ultimately, however, an exercise routine is the least important step in weight loss. After all, no amount of exercise can replace the consequences of a bad sleep routine or diet. 

Daily Required Movement and Fighting Flab Men Over 40

Recent studies show that our brains require a minimal amount of movement per day to regulate feelings of hunger. The technical term for this is your daily required movement threshold which should be between thirty and forty-five minutes per day. 

If you don’t achieve this, your brain’s ability to regulate your appetite reduces and your hunger levels increase as a result. Indeed, this doesn’t help you on your quest in fighting flab men over 40 as you begin to crave calorie-packed foods.

Fighting the Flab Men Over 40: Part 5Meeting Your Required Daily Activity Levels

Thankfully, achieving your daily movement threshold is reasonably straightforward. One of the best ways you can achieve it is through a simple 30 minute morning walk, preferably in sunny conditions to boost your vitamin D levels. 

Chances are that if you’re already in an active job, your daily movement threshold is being met anyway. But if you do a desk job, like so many of us do, try getting up every fifty minutes and walking around. You could even install an app or timer to remind you. 

pedometer is another excellent tool to motivate you. Aim for 7000 steps a day. Or try and build more movement into your daily routine. For example, parking your vehicle further away from the office or taking the stairs rather than the lift.

Start to Lose Weight by Moving More

You now have a robust toolset for fighting flab men over 40. Including the importance of sleepnutritionmindset and daily movement. Check in next time where we will introduce the next step, exercise.