Drug Use in Men Over 40

Drug Use in Men Over 40

It has been found that Drug Use in Men Over 40 is on the rise. An increasing number of middle-aged men are using anabolic steroids to improve their appearance and libido, according to an article from The Guardian.

As well as helping to fight some signs of ageing, the drug can also help users lose weight. However, there are potential health implications like blood clots and heart disease which users might not be aware of.

When men get older, their levels of testosterone naturally fall and they don’t experience youthfulness like they once did. Naturally, as middle-aged men read about such drugs online or in magazines, they’re keen to give it a try. Steroids are widely available online but also in gyms.

While over 50’s only make up a small segment of performance or image enhancing drugs, the numbers of users have doubled in the last five years. In fact, there are now over 30,000 users as of today. Drug Use in Men Over 40 tends to involve taking smaller amounts than younger age groups to fight the effects of the male menopause.

As men age, they might feel more pressure to look good, based on societal changes and the fact that people are not only living longer but also expect more and more from their lives. 

Having a proper prescription for some middle-aged men can be beneficial. However, those self-medicating who either lower or stop their use can experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Ultimately, if you feel you could benefit, don’t self medicate. Instead, visit your health care professional who will provide the best advice for you. After all, introducing something into your body that it hasn’t naturally produced for many years will have consequences on your health.