Diet and Mental Health

Diet and Mental Health

If you had the chance to read our previous blog, you’ll know how to improve your testosterone levels through weightlifting. This time, we talk about diet and mental health, and how having a good diet can work wonders on boosting your testosterone levels, while also supporting your nervous system.

Diet and Mental Health: What You Need to Know

Firstly, we will start by saying that most of what we mention about diet refers to eating the right types of fat. You may avoid fats because you believe they’re bad for you.

The truth is that many fats are the opposite, excluding a certain few, like omega 6 or trans-fats. Simply cutting down on the amount of vegetable oil you use can help you reduce these in your own diet.

In terms of testosterone levels, various studies show that testosterone can in fact increase, based on the amount of saturated fat you consume. In other words, fats you get from eating coconut oil, butter, cheese or meat. Mono-unsaturated fats from olive oil avocados and nuts also count.

Diet and Mental HealthIn short, you should get 20-40% of your daily calories from consuming fats, particularly ones with moderate levels of cholesterol, as they are believed to support testosterone production.

You may be worried about consuming more saturated fats due to the perceived risk of health problems like heart disease. The truth is that this simply isn’t true. You should still eat them without worrying about this.

Ultimately, much of our nervous systems are made up of fat. Therefore, to function as best as possible, we need to consume fats as they also allow us to maintain our mental health.

Key Takeaways on Diet and Mental Health

  1. Be sure to consume a large number of fats for your daily calorie intake
  2. Olive oil, butter, cheese, nuts, meats and coconut oil are a great source
  3. Cut out vegetable oils like peanut oil, soybean oil and cottonseed oil

Make sure to check in next time where we will talk about cold therapy and its positive effects on testosterone and mental health!