Challenges of Teenage Parenting: Part 1

Challenges of Teenage Parenting

The transition from childhood into adolescence can be turbulent. Your once loving and thoughtful child may now be sulky, emotional and unruly. Indeed, there are many challenges of teenage parenting. In this two-part guide, we briefly explain some of the most common. Plus how you as a parent can help.

Some of the Most Common Challenges of Teenage Parenting You May Face

Changes in Friendships and Behaviour

As children switch into their teenage years, it’s common for them to change their friends or try new activities. Parents often worry that these changes are adverse for their teenager. Particularly if they fall into the dreaded ‘bad crowd’. Teenagers aren’t worried about testing their parent’s boundaries. Nevertheless, one of the most common challenges of teenage parenting is in allowing your child to become independent. Above all, be firm with your decisions. However, try to relate to your teen. After all you were one once! 

Challenges of Teenage ParentingAltered Emotions

Teenage years are often riddled with frustration and confusion, something you may very much remember from your own adolescent years. The way these emotions are managed between males and females is totally different. Your once confident child may seem much more fragile than usual, becoming sensitive to almost anything you say. Equally, fights may erupt out of nowhere as your teen increasingly attempts to find their place in the world. Stay strong, and make sure you support them along the way, no matter what is going on.

Body Issues

Again, body issues experienced between teenage girls and boys differ massively. While girls may appear more confident, boys may become frustrated due to things like not being as well endowed as their friends which can cause them to become increasingly closed off. Equally, overweight or thin teens can be unpopular with the opposite sex, or suffer teasing, which is why eating disorders can be common in teenagers. You can help by simply being there for your teenager and reminding them they are loved.