Challenges of Adolescent Parenting: Part 2

Challenges of Adolescent Parenting

Did you have a chance to look at part 1? Here, we looked at some of the most common challenges of adolescent parenting. These include things like problems caused by friendships, behavioural issues, changed emotions and body issues.

As well as being a difficult time for teens themselves, it can take as much toll on parents as they watch their once thoughtful and loving child become badly behaved and perhaps even angry. 

This time around, we look at the remaining two bugbears of parents of teenagers. These include dating and technology. We also mention how you can help your son or daughter deal with them.

Other Challenges of Adolescent Parenting You May Face


If your teen announces that they have started dating, this will probably not fill you with overwhelming joy as a parent. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult challenges of adolescent parenting you may ever have to face.

As well as being unhappy about your son or daughter dating, you may disagree with their choices as well. Although watching your teen navigate the difficulties that come hand in hand with dating, it is a part of growing up.

So, you’ll still need to be there to provide support for your son or daughter, no matter what is happening in their love life.

Challenges of Adolescent ParentingTechnology

Chances are that as a parent, you may not have had to deal with the impact of technology on your child in the past. However, as your child reached their adolescent years, they may have become increasingly glued to their phone. 

This can cause a number of issues, such as mental health problems and sleep difficulties which can go hand in hand. The internet and texting, if not properly controlled, can be dangerous for a teenager. 

However, parents may not know how to regulate it as they won’t have grown up with this technology themselves. There are things you can do. Try and educate yourselves on the dangers of excessive-tech use on teens.

If you’re worried about this, don’t be afraid to limit internet usage in your household, or switch the router off at night. Simple things like this can have a dramatic effect on your teen’s health and wellbeing.