Calorie Requirements Men Over 40

Calorie Requirements Men Over 40

The advice we give on calorie requirements men over 40 is simple. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, consume mostly whole grains and low-fat dairy, plus protein-rich foods such as fish, beans and eggs.

What is the Daily Calorie Requirement Men Over 40?

If you’re an active man, you should consume around 2,600 calories every day from food and drink. In contrast, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should eat 200 fewer calories than this to meet your calorie requirements men over 40.

So for breakfast, you could eat a peanut butter bagel, banana, eight ounces of yoghurt and a coffee which totals 762 calories. Followed by a lunch of a tuna sandwich, carrots, raisins and a drink which comes to 507 calories. Finally, for an evening meal, you can eat spaghetti and meatballs with salad, followed by fruit for dessert. Wine is also allowed. This adds up to 861 calories. If you want to increase this to 2,600 calories, you can have an extra cup of salad or spaghetti.

How Much Fat, Protein, Fibre and Carbs do I Need?

Most men over 40 can get enough of these from a balanced diet. However, if not, the most common reason is due to a lack of fruit, veg, dairy and healthy oils. If you’re aged between 31 and 50, you’ll need to get between 10 and 35% of your total daily calories from protein, 45 to 65% from carbs and 20 to 35% from healthy oils. Aim to get less than 10% of your daily calories from solid or saturated fats.

What Amount of Vitamins and Minerals do I Need to Eat?

First and foremost, you should aim to get all your vitamins and minerals from the food you consume rather than relying on supplements. This can be achieved easily by eating two cups of fruit and three cups of veg at each meal. Additionally, avoid chips and candy, eating nuts and fruit instead, which are packed with nutrients. A specific problem faced by many men over 50 is consuming too much sodium. This can be helped by eating low salt foods and also checking labels. Processed foods are particularly notorious for being packed with salt.