Boosting Testosterone With Cold Therapy

Boosting Testosterone With Cold Therapy

If you had time to read our last post, you’ll know that having the right levels of testosterone in your body is vital for wellbeing, energy and quality sleep, amongst many other health benefits.

It also plays an essential role in your mental health, helping to fend off anxiety and depression. So, how do you know when your testosterone levels are low? Making an appointment with your GP is a significant first step. However, there are many other things you could try. Such as heavy lifting or changing your diet, which we’ve discussed previously. 

Aside from diet and lifting, you could try boosting testosterone with cold therapy. Here’s how to get started.

Boosting Testosterone With Cold TherapyWays of Boosting Testosterone With Cold Therapy

There aren’t yet any scientific studies confirming that cold therapy increases testosterone, however, it could still potentially work. In fact, it is something which is often discussed in the natural health community and is recognised as possibly having many health benefits.

In terms of improving your mood, early evidence does somewhat demonstrate that cold therapy has an effect. Although we’re not entirely sure of the reasons why we do know that it might boost testosterone levels or improve circulation in the brain. Based on this, surely it is worth a try?

We know that stepping into a cold shower may be challenging for even the best of us, which is why you could try having your regular hot shower, then ending with a 30 second or one-minute refreshing blast. Alternatively, why not have a session in the sauna and end with a cold shower?

Evidence suggests that testicles function better at lower temperatures. So, avoid tight underwear, and keep them cool!