4 Adjustments Men Over 50 Must Make: Part 2

As we mentioned last time, your body naturally changes as you get older. Some good, others bad. And these happen at different times for different people. The first two adjustments men over 50 must make are keeping active so that muscles don’t seize up, and drinking more water, so your body continues to function correctly. 

In this post, we move on to another couple of issues that the prominent in men over 50: lower testosterone and mental instability.

Forever Living C9 and waterTwo Adjustments Men Over 50 Must Make

The First Issue: Lower Testosterone

Most researchers believe testosterone falls with age. However, other things like eating habits, illness and obesity also affect this. When you get over 50, your body uses more testosterone for muscle repair and tissue damage. This can result in problems like reduced libido and lower sex drive. This can be counteracted by lowering fat levels in your body, which will reduce the amount of testosterone your body is using elsewhere. Going to the gym can also be beneficial. Specifically, exercises like bench presses, squats and back exercises. The key is to work the larger muscle groups while lifting heavy so that more testosterone is released into the bloodstream.

The Second Issue: Mental Instability

After reaching the 50 milestone, it’s natural for your body to slow down and change. While some of the changes might be considered negative, men are encouraged to keep busy. It’s true to say that age can slow you down, so don’t allow it to! Keep yourself active, join groups and adopt a positive mindset. Complete daily crosswords or play games to improve brainpower. It’s an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and also keep busy.