Will Veganuary Change Your Life? A Guide for Men Approaching 50

As the month of January closes and February arrives, did you participate in Veganuary? There are many men in their forties that have taken up the challenge and gone vegan for a whole month. The people who organise Veganuary see it as a way of ‘trying out’ a vegan diet and taking it on for the rest of the year.

Men approaching 50 are ditching meat and animal products altogether in bigger numbers than ever before. And it is the benefits to health that are driving many of these choices. The health benefits reported include –

  • Glossy hair
  • Less bloating
  • Better skin

Now I take Forever Living Aloe Vera Drinking Gel daily and find that it gives me all of these things in one glass of sunshine. But a change in diet can have a significant and lasting impact. Let’s take a look at what it can mean.

Vegan food for men

Veganuary and Men – The Diet

Of course, there will be a healthy dose of vegetables in a vegan diet. This takes care of the 5 a day recommended by the government in terms of fruit and veg. Then there will be all the usual starchy staples that bulk up a meal and give us those carbohydrates that we need as short-term fuel.

If you are used to getting your protein from meat or dairy products, then this might be where you start scratching your head. The three components of a healthy diet are –

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Protein
  3. Fat

And if you are not getting the last 2 from meat then you will need to replace the protein in your diet with the likes of tofu, beans, pulses and grains. For fat, look for oils, nuts and tofu again.

There are many ways in which you can eat a balanced diet as a vegan and hit all the right spots as far as nutrition goes.

Vegan food is about more than just the greens

Veganuary and The Rest of Your Life

As I said earlier, the idea behind Veganuary is that it changes the way you eat forever. Just taking a break from meat and other animal products for a month might not have a massive effect on your life as a man approaching 50. There might be a small detox effect, but I found that you could manage that effectively on the Forever Living Clean 9.

If you looked at Veganuary as a trial to see if veganism is for you then you need to assess all of the factors. I would suggest that you haven’t given your body enough time in a single month for the change in diet to really take effect. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. You’ve only given yourself a little more than that. It can take longer for the body to show signs of adapting to the new diet before thriving on it. Plus, you might be stalling on recipe ideas. There’s no need to do that – get The Fastest-Selling Vegan Cookbook Ever and you’ll never run short of options.

Will Veganuary change your life? It has the potential to, that’s for sure. Only you can decide. Tags: ,

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