Why Men Need Zinc in Their Diet: An Approaching 50 Guide

Why Men Need Zinc in Their Diet: An Approaching 50 Guide. You wouldn’t necessarily think zinc if you have a health issue. But men approaching 50 are finding more and more that it plays an essential role in the body. The question ‘why men need zinc,’ has many answers. You can get it in your normal diet or as a supplement. Let’s take a look at why men need zinc.

Your Prostate

As we get older, the thought and threat of prostate cancer becomes very real. It has been found that high levels of zinc in the diet keeps the prostate healthy and staves off the prospects of prostate cancer. Apparently, there is more zinc found in a healthy prostate than anywhere else in the body. As we get older, the amount of zinc we need increases. So, make sure you get enough of it. A supplement is just as effective as getting zinc from your diet.

The Immune System

We’ve all read and heard about the benefits of Vitamin C for the immune system. But zinc is just as important for the body. The myth out there of man flu is a reality. Studies have shown that the common cold affects a man more than a woman. You can use that quote as much as you need, guys. Zinc is one of the minerals moist effective in supporting the immune system. If you have been run down a lot recently, then look for zinc to support your health.

Why Men Need Zinc

The Little-Known Thyroid Gland

I’m sure, like me, you’ve heard of the thyroid and don’t know much about it. The thyroid gland is one of the reasons why men need zinc in their diet. You see it produces hormones and controls your metabolism. Zinc is something that supports the normal function of the thyroid. As such, it is vitally important to get the mineral in your diet one way or another. An underactive thyroid is linked to weight gain, and none of us want that.

Why Men Need Zinc – An Approaching 50 Guide

You can see that these are some pretty important health factors as we reach and pass the age of fifty. Zinc has slipped under the radar to many extents. But now we know it is important, we can get zinc into our system. You can find it in red meat, shellfish, seeds, nuts and chickpeas among others. Of course, a supplement can help too. Tags: ,

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