What Is Mystery Shopping?

As a man approaching 50, you probably don’t think that shopping is something for you. But if you are looking to make some extra cash, or want  free meal every now and again, then  shopping could be something that works for you. As we all look for that work life balance, there are many side hustles that could take some of the strain of having a family and running the household budget. And we are finding that more and more men approaching the age of 50 are considering shopping as part of the solution.

With this in mind, we’ll take a look at mystery shopping here so you can decide whether it works for you at all. Mystery shopping is something that is pretty easy to do – and can bring in some extra money. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at shopping for men approaching 50 (or anyone else for that matter!)

What Is Mystery Shopping?

When a company wants to know what the service is like in all of their outlets, they turn to a mystery shopping provider. Together they can come up with appropriate measures to see if –

  • The training they give is effective
  • People are sufficiently motivated to give great service
  • They retain customers
  • Sales are maximised

This is where a mystery shopper comes in. They sign up to the mystery shopping company, attend a location, assess the service and file a report. Don’t worry about that word. The reports are usually tick-box and the full thing should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Check out Mystery Shopping Tips if you want more detail. They are the ONLY site 100% dedicated to the UK’s mystery shoppers.

Can you fill up on mystery shopping?

How Can Mystery Shopping Work For Me?

This is where the smart cookies separate themselves. Looking for a full-time income as a mystery shopper is pretty much a fruitless task. Each job might pay £10 to £20 but you’d need a lot of these to make a good living from it. Instead, the trick with mystery shopping is to look for the assignments that give you a free lunch, coffee, dinner or any other time out.

Mystery shoppers can expect to see assignment that really appeal here, such as –

  • A free pint at the local pub
  • A fully-funded day out with the kids at a major attraction
  • Coffee and cake at a major outlet
  • A free bet at the bookies
  • A restaurant meal for 2, 3, 4 or more people

Whatever takes your fancy, there is quite probably a mystery shop that fits. The beauty of these mystery shops is that they are worth a decent amount. Taking the family out for something to eat has become an expensive thing. Being able to offset that cost as a mystery shopper puts your finances on the front foot.

Mystery shopping for money

How Do I Start Mystery Shopping?

It is really simple to begin. Find the appropriate mystery shopping company for you. If you are in any doubt at all then we recommend you start with Market Force, who are trusted, have been around for a long time and pay well. Once you find the right provider for you, there will be a short application process. They usually ask a few questions and welcome you onboard.

From there, it is a case of looking for the mystery shop that suits you best. Be quick, as they often get snapped up quickly. Mystery shopping for men approaching 50 (and the rest of the population) is more popular by the day. If you have any questions then ask the mystery shopping company and they will help you along the way.

Mystery shopping can be a great way to add a few extra quid to your pocket or connect you with free things. Give it a go – you never know where it might take you! There’s a book on mystery shopping if you want to find out more. Tags: ,

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