What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50?

As you move through life, there are a few areas of your health that seem to deteriorate all the time. Eyesight is one, teeth can be another but one that really gets to millions of people is back pain. Your back takes a lot of strain. It wears over time and can cause major discomfort (OK – sheer agony) at times. The causes of back pain in men are varied, but they are definitely worth looking into. There is a great book designed to help you manage your back. Check it out!

If we don’t look after our bodies, then we can’t expect it to stay in tip-top shape. What causes back pain in men approaching 50 will vary from man to man. And modern medicine seems totally focused on the cure rather than stopping something from ever happening. Let’s take a look at what causes back pain in men approaching 50 so we can see how to manage it.

What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50? Carrying Too Much Weight

Although this probably isn’t the massive factor you might at first think, carrying a little too much weight can have an impact on the back. As we get older, the weight can pile on and we end up out of shape. Carrying the extra weight puts pressure on the back, especially the lower back, and this in turn can be one of the causes of back pain.

We tend to carry the extra weight on the abdomen and this can change the way we stand, sit, and exercise. I lost around 8 pounds of weight recently on the Forever Living C9 Cleanse. But it was the posture changes that I found the most remarkable. The taller and straighter I stand, the better my back feels.

What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50?

What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50? Disease

Don’t worry too much about this, but back pain might not just be because your back is in a bad place. Some back pains can be linked directly to having a disease or illness. One of the causes of back pain in men is illness, so you should go and see your GP if you have unexplained or persistent back pain. It could possibly be linked to one of the following illnesses –

  • Rupture of the disc
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurism
  • Hernia
  • Kidney Stones
  • Prostatitis – swelling of the prostate

If you are unsure about your back pain then it is always good to get it checked out.

What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50?

What Causes Back Pain in Men Approaching 50? Your Lifestyle

If you smoke or drink, there is a higher chance that you will suffer from back pain. It hasn’t been fully researched yet, but a study inti back pain and smokers shows a much higher chance of back pain if you are a regular smoker. If you also add to this the fact that men across the world are five times more likely to be a smoker than women, you can see why this is a major contributing factor to the incidence of back pain in men approaching 50.

Also take into account the job you might carry out. The best way to manage your back pain as a man approaching 50 is to have a varied set of tasks during the working day. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for your back. Neither is sitting in a vehicle all day or lifting heavy items without a break. If you are feeling the effects of a bad back then speak to your employer about how this can be managed. They have a duty to protect their employees so drop in and have a chat with them to see how you can take some of the strain away.

Poor sleep is another considerable one of the causes of back pain for men approaching 50 that should be looked into. If you struggle with sleep then there are a whole host of potential health problems you could be storing up. Take a look at why sleep is good for you.


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