Visualisation For Men Approaching 50

As a man approaching 50, you might think that you have a pretty good grasp on your mind and where you want to go. Visualisation could well be a new concept for you. But for man, this is a time when you can get lost. Your career might have plateaued, your kids might be growing up and ready to leave home and you end up in a position where you don’t know who you are and where you are going.

You might have had dreams in the past about what we want to acheive in life. These can get lost in the hectic life that a job and a family bring. But having a solid idea of where you want to be puts you in the position where you can take control again. Visualisation is about more than simply having a dream. It is about picturing clearly the place you want to go in life. Let’s take a look at what this means.

Practicing Visualisation

There was an experiment where a psychologist split a college basketball team in the United States into three groups –

  1. One that practiced as usual
  2. Another one that didn’t practice at all
  3. And one that didn’t physically practice but visualised themselves shooting three throws

And guess what happened? You can already tell what the middle group did. Their results went backwards. The first group? well, they got better. They practiced – and we all know that practice makes better, if not perfect. The final group are where the experiment gets really interesting. Their results matched those of the players who actually practiced physically shooting hoops.

The mind is a powerful tool. The basketball players who imagined themselves shooting successfully trained their brain to do the same thing.

visualisation and mindset

What Is Visualisation?

The act of visualising yourself as the most successful version of yourself is a powerful thing. If you look to the future and think that it is all bad, then that’s what you get. If you look to the future and think that there is a brightness then you will gravitate towards that light. Training your brain to take the path towards success will bring you closer to that success all the time.

Being in a place of visualisation brings through feelings of –

  • Gratitude
  • Inspiration
  • Appreciation

Once you have these in your life, there is a shift that takes place. You should have a clear image of what you want to achieve in life. What makes it as real as possible is finding a quiet place and seeing this as though it was actually happening right in front of your eyes. Tap into the five senses so you –

  • See yourself in the image
  • Smell the scents of success (those that mean something to you)
  • Taste while you visualise
  • Feel the surroundings as you make that image more real
  • Hear the noises that go with this

Once you have all of these together, then you have something strong to work with. Repeat on a daily basis and you will have a powerful tool to train your brain to search out success.

visualisation - how do you see the world?

Visualisation As Part Of Your Life

One of the keys to life is seeing where you want to go. Too many of us get caught up in negative patterns that repeat and send us on a downward spiral. Nobody wants this. Use visualisation to help you build positive patterns and become better at what you do. I suggest you make this a single vision that is clear and means a great deal to you. Involve the people who are important to you in the visualisation. For example, mine includes my parents as I want them to see my success as reward for their hard work and support over the years with me.

Make this a part of your life to see the most in success. If you want to make the most of this then it can drive you forward. Work with it and see where it takes you. Let me know how you are getting on. If you need a little kickstart then something like How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion can help. It is written specifically for network marketers but can have positive effects for anyone. Tags: ,

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