Top Nutrition Tips and Vitamin Advice for Men Approaching 50: Part 2. In Part 1, we introduced six important nutrients and vitamins that should be included in the diet of all men approaching 50. In part 2, we continue with some more, along with the foods you can eat to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

Top Nutrition Tips and Vitamin Advice for Men

Try and get enough of the following nutrients and vitamins in your diet and improve your wellbeing today.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for helping your body to absorb enough calcium and phosphorous. While calcium contributes to proper muscle contraction, phosphorous is needed for ATP synthesis which provides energy for the body to work properly. Eat more oily fish, eggs and sunflower seeds to increase your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin B12. B12 is important for the formation of red blood cells and getting energy from the food you eat. It allows optimal communication between your brain and muscles, which further influences co-ordination and muscle growth. Eggs, meat and milk are ideal sources of B12.

Copper. Copper protects your heart, skeleton and nervous systems being present in only small quantities in your body. It is also good for those who lift weights, as it makes your tendons stronger. Those looking to get more copper in their diet should eat plenty of peanuts, crab and sardines in tomato sauce.

Top Nutrition Tips and Vitamin Advice for menMagnesium. This important mineral plays its part in enabling effective muscle contraction and also gives you more energy, whilst reducing muscle cramps. It’s found in many places in our bodies. Looking to consume more of it through your diet? Eat green veg, seeds and bran to boost your own magnesium levels.

Riboflavin. Also known by the name vitamin B2, this one helps break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your body which are converted to energy. Riboflavin also works with antioxidants in your body too. To get more riboflavin, eat plenty of spinach, chicken and eggs.

Zinc. Sinc produces testosterone for muscles and helps recovery after exercise. It’s also good for fertility and increases the number of t-cells in your body which fight infection. Pumpkin seeds, cheese and red meat are just some of the best foods to get more zinc from. All of these are important whether you eat meat or are a vegan, so look at what you consume. Tags: ,

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