Top Eating and Workout Tips for Men: Part 3

Did you have time to read our last blog Top Nutrition and Exercise Tips for Men? In part three, we introduce even more tips to help you get the most from your diet or fitness regime. This week, we talk about the importance of varying your exercise routine, watching portion sizes and how to avoid getting bored with your exercise routine. Read on to find out the top eating and workout tips for men approaching 50.


Keep a varied diet to avoid boredom. You may feel that eating the same foods all the time (even if they are good ones) is a healthy option. The truth is that it can be anything but. The only way to get all the minerals and nutrients your body needs is by eating a healthy and varied diet. This will also help you keep your energy levels up. The best foods to consume are exotic fruit and vegetables, as well as things like quinoa and oatmeal.

Be careful with serving sizes. One of the top eating and workout tips for men is to make sure to eat the right portion size. You may not be aware, but the actual portion size of meat should be no greater than 4 ounces per serving. If you think you may be eating food in the wrong proportions, it can help to weigh them out using scales. Similarly with pre-packaged food, check the nutrient information on the back to determine how much constitutes one portion. If eating out is a regular occurrence for you, consider only eating half the portion then save the rest for another day. Restaurants are notorious for serving oversized dishes.

Shake up your fitness routine. Doing the same exercises over and over can quickly become mundane. If you’re beginning to tire of the same old routine, think about trying a new activity to help re-ignite your interest. If you’re looking to burn calories, sports such as golf are ideal due to the amount of walking involved. Or if you’re looking for something more laid back, consider hiring a boat on a quiet lake.

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