The Top 4 Workouts For Men In Their Forties

As a man in your 40’s, your health and fitness goals will look somewhat different to what they did 20 years ago. As you get into your 40’s, it is best to focus on things such as maintaining a healthy weight, and ensuring your body is as well maintained as possible so you do not injure yourself or develop a chronic illness. Thankfully, by developing a regular workout regime, you can better avoid such problems and remain as healthy as possible. In our latest post, we talk about the top 4 workouts for men in their forties.

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What Are The Workouts?

These are the top 4 workouts for men in their forties:

Yoga. It may be the case that you neglected your body when you were younger. This is easily done, but now you’re in your 40’s, it’s time to make changes. A good start is taking part in a gentle exercise such as yoga which, whilst having many benefits on its own, becomes even more effective when combined with other exercise regimes such as weightlifting.

Hiking. Hiking is a good sport for men in their 40’s because it builds muscle, burns calories and gives you a thorough cardio workout. If you are sociable, it’s a good choice as well. So bring along your family, and perhaps even your dog along to your next hike.

Strength Training. When you were in your 20’s and 30’s, you may have regularly taken part in strength training. Whilst it is more beneficial in these younger years, it is still good for you in your 40’s, particularly for increasing muscle. Just be sure to take it easy. Risk of injury whilst weight lifting in your 40’s is higher than when you were younger.

Running. Running is another sport which is good for men in their 40’s because it provides a cardio workout, allowing you to more easily maintain a healthy weight and fight off chronic diseases. Again, be sure to take care when running. Excessive participation can result in fatigue and injury.

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In Your 40’s? Here Are The Top 4 Workouts For Men

As a man in your 40’s, risk of developing health problems and injuring yourself can increase. Fortunately, you can reduce this risk by developing a regular health and fitness regime, along with good habits, so that you remain fit and healthy in years to come. The best types of workout for men in their forties include yoga, hiking, strength training and running.



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