The Top Nutrients and Vitamins for Men Approaching 50

Knowing about the top nutrients and vitamins for men, along with the most important ones to consume, can be confusing. Here is part 1 of 2, showing you just some of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

What Are The Top Nutrients And Vitamins For Men?

Calcium. Well known for maintaining strong bones and teeth, it also helps with muscle contraction and keeping your energy levels up. If you’re not getting enough calcium, you may also gain weight. As a lack of this can trigger the release of calcitriol. A hormone which contributes to fat storage. Eat food like almonds, sardines and cheese to increase your own calcium levels.

Biotin. Essential for converting fats, carbohydrates and protein into energy. Also helps maintain skin and hair health and stops hair from going grey temporarily. Consuming more oats, egg yolks and peanut butter will boost biotin in your body.

Iron. Being an essential part of haemoglobin, this pigment is important for moving oxygen from the lungs to various muscles throughout the body. Also helps keep energy levels up and contributes to a stronger immune system. If you think you need more iron, try eating greater amounts of sardines, venison and bran cereals. You’ll soon feel more energetic, and in our opinion, iron is one of the top nutrients and vitamins for men approaching 50.

Top Nutrients And Vitamins For MenVitamin C. A strong anti-oxidant that helps convert carbs into fuel and reduces the effects of oxidative stress, brought on by exercise. Also assists in helping the body absorb iron and protects against infections, which can drain your energy levels significantly. Blackcurrants, citrus fruits and broccoli are packed with vitamin C, if you’re looking to increase this in your diet. At this time of the year, vitamin D deficiency can also be a problem. Learn more here.

Selenium. An important trace mineral which helps support the immune system and can even help fight illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Selenium is also good for depression as it helps enhance mood. If you’re into weight lifting, it’s also beneficial as it helps reduce damage caused by free radicals. Eat more fresh tuna, wholemeal bread and brazil nuts for an increase to your selenium levels.

Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids in our diet are important because our bodies do not create them. It has been shown that men who regularly consume these healthy fats have both healthier hearts and improved blood flow. Omega 3 can also help with your weight loss goals. If you want more omega 3, simply eat more brazil nuts, salmon and walnuts to experience a boost.

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