The Exercises To Avoid After 50

As a man approaching fifty, there are certain things you just don’t want to do any longer. Exercise is often one of them. Want to know why? You’re doing it all wrong. This blog will look at the exercises to avoid after 50.

Exercise is a bodily activity which enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and stability. Most health therapists advise and recommend exercising of the body for at least 22 to 30 minutes per day. This is a common practice beneficial to everyone male or female, rich or poor, old or young.

The Exercises To Avoid After 50

But it is also important to know that from 50 years of age and above, exhibiting the same mode of physical exercises one engaged in at a younger age could be hurtful and very risky to health. Severe muscle building routines for a people over the age of 50 can bring about dilapidation and health deterioration hence it is important to bear in mind the kind of exercises to engage in at this age and the kind to avoid as well.

Exercises To Avoid After 50

  1. High-Intensity Aerobics

At this age, intense aerobics should be approached with caution because your aerobic capacity has decreased and your muscles are shrinking and going through atrophy, making you more prone to injury. Plus, there is a higher chance of mis-stepping and hurting one’s self because the body tends to get tired more easily at this age.

RECOMMENDATION: Join a class with a lower impact of this exercise to moderate pace.

  1. Sprinting

Cardiovascular exercise is important for every human’s body building. However, running long distances should not be your cardio of choice if you are over 50. Since your aerobic capacity declines as you age, you likely won’t be able to maintain the intense pace you once could.

RECOMMENDATION: Run at a moderate level, with intervals of rest when necessary

sprinting is one of the exercises to avoid after 50

  1. Squats And Weights

Heavy weights put unnecessary pressure on the knees which as an elderly person over 50 is a very bad choice of exercise because it brings about injuries to your weak bones. Get the right vitamins and supplements to help you here and you’re on the right track.

RECOMMENDATION: Ditch the weights and focus on a moderate firm of squats.

  1. Overhead Press

This place formidable stress across the shoulders which makes the reduction in back mobility as you age put you at higher risk for back injury. Your back is a vitally important part of your body. Look after it.

RECOMMENDATION: Try shoulder raises instead

the overhead press is one of our exercises to avoid after 50

  1. Running Stairs

Running up and down stairs at age 50 is dangerous because of the instability and inability to maintain balance. I’m afraid that it happens to us all.

RECOMMENDATION: Use the stationary stair-climber at the gym GYM MASTER at home for a reduced impact climb yielding same results. Tags: ,

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