The Effects of Alcohol on Men Approaching the Age Of 50

The effects of alcohol on men can be seen on a Friday or Saturday night in many city centers across the UK – and the rest of the world. But there are deeper effects of alcohol on men than that. Chemically, alcohol is a colorless chemical that can be made from almost anything that has sugar in it. It is classified as a depressant as it slows down brain activity. That’s another way of saying that alcohol slows a person’s response time, leaving them uncoordinated to making poor decisions while also having slower reflexes.

The main psychoactive ingredient in alcoholic beverages is ethanol – a substance that gets one drunk once it is excessively taken into the body system. Let’s take a look at the effects on the man approaching 50. See it as part of a healthier lifestyle. If you have been drinking too much then a cleanse such as the Forever Living C9 might help you.

The Effects of Alcohol on Men can be Serious

Alcohol can take various forms such as:

  • Beer – usually prepared by fermenting grains
  • Wine – made using fermented fruits
  • Spirit – a product of both fermentation and distillation

Alcohol has so many effects on men and the effects tend to have depleting consequences as a man is aging towards 50 years old. It is frequently recommended by health officials to men to control their alcohol intake as there are risks involved in the massive intake of this substance in the body.

The Effects of Alcohol on Men

Here are some negative effects of alcohol on men approaching the age of 50.

  • Poor Fertility and Sexual Performance

Studies have shown that alcohol reduces testosterone levels which can lead to loss of libido and reduce sperm count and quality. It affects the testes by hindering the proper development of sperm. Alcohol weakens the nervous system hereby causing difficulty in erection.

  • Increase in Body Weight

Obesity is a serious health concern in men approaching the age of 50. And Alcohol plays a major role in getting men in this age range obese because it is one of the most calorie-rich nutrient after fat, packing about 7 calories per gram. You’ll agree with me that no responsible man would want to leave his family in financial catastrophe after losing his job due to indiscipline and excess weight.

The Effects of Alcohol on Men

Other common effects of alcohol may include but not limited to:

So, what Are The Effects of Alcohol on Men?

Excessive intake of alcohol could not only get you fired but will also reduce your lifespan. Men approaching 50 are advised to stay away from alcohol if possible or drastically reduce the intake to avoid the above-mentioned effects. The effects of alcohol on men can be long-lasting, so try to manage your consumption and have a better life.


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