Testosterone and Weight Lifting for Mental Health

Did you read our last blog? We introduced the topic of testosterone and how it affects mental health. We followed on by mentioning the fact that you can boost your testosterone and improve your mood by weight lifting, eating a balanced diet and cold therapy. In this post, we will talk about testosterone and weight lifting, plus how it can benefit your mental health.

Testosterone and Weight Lifting. How to Get Started

What we will start by saying is that any form of exercise is beneficial for improving your mental state. However, we believe weight lifting is one of the most effective for boosting testosterone levels. 

Specifically, to experience the best results in terms of testosterone and weight lifting, try things like squats, deadlifts, bench presses and chin-ups. You might also want to try headstands or dips.

Doing these types of exercises will help you to build a solid and robust body. Forget other ‘hype’ you see online, as it may not work. You may have heard of ‘Kipping’ chin-ups which became popular through Crossfit. However, they don’t build strength. In fact, they can be damaging for shoulders. 

When starting with heavy weight lifting, it’s only necessary to complete low reps, like 5 or 12 per set, or three sets per exercise. You could vary things by doing deadlifts, squats, chin-ups or handstands.

Another good routine is eight reps in three individual sets which can be completed in intervals of 30 to 60 seconds. Or, if you want to try handstands, begin by leaning against a wall, varying it with bench presses or ab exercises in between.

Chinups or dips can be accompanied with weights between the feet, or by using a weight belt. Above all, always maintain proper form and never consider becoming an ‘ego lifter’ (someone who tries and lifts heavy weights with poor form) Doing this will only result in injury.

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