Testosterone and Strength Programs

Having the right amount of testosterone in our bodies is vital for our overall health, specifically our mental health. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, there are many ways to maintain and boost our own testosterone, like:

To conclude this series of blogs, we talk about the final thing you can do to boost testosterone: strength programs.

The Two Best Testosterone and Strength Programs to Start Today

The two programs we recommend are Athlean-X and Gymnastic Bodies.

Jeff Cavalier created Athlean-X where he regularly posts videos on YouTube. What we like about Jeff is that there is no ‘hard sell’. Instead, just consistently good content. For this, we wholeheartedly recommend his videos for anyone looking for testosterone and strength programs.

Alternatively, you may want to check out Gymnastic Bodies which is run by Christopher Sommer, who is a US junior Olympics gymnastics coach. Step by step, he takes you through how to do essential gymnastics movements which can help improve your own strength. For this purpose, the foundation series comes highly recommended.

Consider getting started with things like hollow back presses, rope climbs and single-leg squats. Or, if you want to do something more advanced, why not attempt the handstand course? Tags: ,

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