Testosterone and Mental Health. What You Need to Know

When you think about testosterone in men, you might think about energy, confidence and a sense of wellbeing as well as good sleep, sex drive and muscle mass. In fact, testosterone has a great effect on mental health, as confirmed by the positive effect of testosterone administration on mood. 

Low testosterone is unlikely to be the only reason for low mood or anxiety. Nevertheless, boosting it can improve low mood in older males. It’s often the case that a two-way path exists between testosterone and mental health problems. What this means is that depression can result in low testosterone which can lower mood. However, not all men suffering from depression have low testosterone levels. 

testosterone and mental healthWhat many older men may do is turn to Google to try and find out why they are sick. If you want to try and improve your own levels of testosterone, try and manage your weight well and keep active. Also, be aware that if you suffer from diabetes, this can have an impact on your testosterone levels. In short, if you boost your testosterone levels, your mood may also improve.

This can be done through things like weightlifting, eating a well-balanced diet and cold therapy. We will go into more details in future blogs. Tags: ,

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