Teenage Mental Health And Wellbeing

In today’s world, incidents of anxiety and depression are very high and common in teens for many different reasons. Teenagers mostly struggle with fears that can have a great impact on numerous aspects and areas of their mental well-beings, from school results and relationships to physical and mental health. As a man approaching 50, you may well have teenage kids. Teenage mental health and wellbeing will be important to you. We all want to be a good parent to our teenager.

3 Simple Ways To Help Teens Deal With Their Fears

1.       Show Understanding

In order to show that you truly understand their fears, tell them about one of your own biggest fears. Fears that you succeeded in working through and overcoming. Explain to them that time and small step by step routines are all it takes to slowly reduce their anxiety and do away with their fears. Teenage mental health and wellbeing can be greatly affected by this simple tip.

2.       List Their Fears

It is possible for teens to have a number of fears that are possibly related. Work with them in recounting and listing out these fears and grouping them into different categories. Then help them deal with them one after the other until the fears are neutralised, and their sanity restored. There’s help for parents here too.

3.       Goal-Setting

Goal-setting is the key to achieving progress in anything one wants to accomplish. Let your teen think about something they would really love to own or have in their possession. It could be a new outfit, or a video game. Help them set minor and major goals. After each step of walking past their fears they’re presented with a minor reward, and when they have completely overcome their fears, they’re presented with the major reward. This is a motivative tip that works every time and should be employed by parents more often.

Teenage Mental Health And Wellbeing is important

What Happy Teens Are Like

  •   All time Happiness, positivity and a sense of freedom.
  •   A jovial relationship with family and friends
  •   Involvement in activities (both in school and at home)
  •   Great sense of achievement and accomplishment
  •   Relaxation and good night sleep

How Adults/Parents behave and react towards teens affects their mental health and wellbeing.

·         Show love, care and affection

·         Help them deal with their problems early rather than too late.

·         Hang out with your teens and have a heart-to-heart talk time with them.

·         Acknowledge and praise their efforts as it will go a long way in making them improve and do better in all aspects of their lives.

Peer pressure is greater than ever before

Teenage Mental Health And Wellbeing

It is normal for teenagers to sometimes have moods swings, poor motivation and restlessness. These signs do not necessarily mean they are going through a mental downtime or health deterioration. Nevertheless, if these signs persist for a long time, it is recommended that you talk with your child and if need be, get professional help from a therapist.

As a man approaching 50. you will want to know that your kids are OK. There is support out there. Tags: ,

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