How Do You Handle Teenage Disrespect? A Man Approaching 50 Guide

How Do You Handle Teenage Disrespect? A Man Approaching 50 Guide. Teenagers have a different worldview to us. It’s fine for them to see the world through their own eyes. But if that starts to drift into teenage disrespect then it’s time to act. It can be a common thing for teenage disrespect to happen. Don’t think you’re the only father to experience this.

You will have various conversations with your teenage children that don’t feel right. The trick is to not get caught up in this. Staying calm is the first step on the road. This can feel difficult. Imagine a conversation like this, and see how teenage disrespect can easily happen –

“How are you getting on with your homework?”
“Why are you always checking up on me? Don’t you trust me to get on with it?”
“I was just seeing if you were OK. I’m here to help if you need it.”
“Yeah, right! You want to know my business all the time.”

Sound familiar? Well, you might think you’ve done something wrong. Or that they ‘have an attitude.’ Teenage disrespect comes in a few forms. But you should learn to roll with it.

teenage disrespect
Why Does Teenage Disrespect Happen?

Your teen is growing up. Their brain and body are working in different ways all the time. Puberty does funny things to us all, you might remember what it felt like to you. There are two main things happening here –

  1. Hormones deliver mood swings
  2. Your teen is looking for independence

They are both perfectly natural. In terms of the first one, there’s little you can do about it. Hormones spike in the teenage body and change their mood pretty quickly. One minute you could be having a laugh and a joke, the next teenage disrespect rears its ugly head. It might be a sign that they are worried about something or stressed. Think about the underlying cause rather than the behaviour. It’s a case of learning how to communicate. Make sure you Talk so Teens will Listen & Listen so Teens will Talk.

Independence is a good thing. Of course, we don’t want this to turn into disrespect. If you have set rules for communicating, hen your teen will know exactly where they stand. Being the role model and not reciprocating their teenage disrespect is a great place to start. How Do You Handle Teenage Disrespect? A Man Approaching 50 Guide. Tags: ,

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