Essential Single Dad Parenting Advice You Need to Know About

Becoming a single dad can change your life forever. Yet knowing where to access single dad parenting advice can be difficult. To help you, we’ve outlined some practical information for key issues faced by single dads that may be encountered in the first couple of years.

Best Single Dad Parenting Advice for Difficult Times

Finding single dad parenting advice when times are tough can be difficult. You may not know where to turn. However, upon asking and receiving help, you’d be surprised at how much of the burden can disappear. In fact, you’ll probably be able to think clearer and tackle problems directly as a result.

Other ways you can help yourself include joining a local parenting group for single dads. Or, if you have suffered domestic abuse, you could take a look at specific sites like the Men’s Advice Line or Mankind.

Single Dad Parenting AdviceKey Issues Single Dads Have to Face

Financial. Financial support for single dads is available out there. Those of you who have recently become single parents can access financial help such as benefits or tax credits. If you’re recently separated from your partner, and your kids mainly live with you, you’ll also be eligible for child maintenance.

Work. If you’re needing time off work to look after your kids, either at the moment or in the future, you’ll be pleased to know that there are various leave options available for single dads. You could be entitled to either paid or unpaid leave, depending on your circumstances.

Bereavement. If your partner has died, and you’re left to look after the kids, there is advice available out there for you. Common issues associated with grief include ways to help your kids and accessing financial support. Reading other dad’s experiences on bereavement can also be reassuring. 

Accessing Support. As a single father, you’re never alone. There are groups available out there where you can share stories and listen to others experiences of being a single parent. Look for a local parenting group near you to find out more. We also recommend taking a look at our factsheet to help you speak to your kids during difficult times.  Tags: ,

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