School Summer Holidays And Kids. I’m in the middle of the 6 week school holiday that is both a blessing and a burden. If you have kids and work from home like me, then you will already know the pressures this has on your time. You end up trying to make the best of it by choosing one of the options available –

  • Set aside days to work and days for the kids
  • Working at the start and end of the day when the kids are occupied
  • Looking for those pockets of time that work for you

And none of them feel particularly great. But there are ways of managing your time with the kids and your work during the 6 week school holidays.

School Summer Holidays And Kids

Set Plans

The first step as far as I’m concerned is to look at what you want to acheive in that 6 week period. It won’t be the same as you get done when they are at school. You just have to accept that. This 6 weeks I have 2 weeks without the kids, 3 weeks with them and 1 wee where there’s a bit of both. As a divorced parent I have the kids living with me. This means the 2 weeks they are with their mum are a powerhouse time for work. I’d love to spend it sitting back and relaxing but that just isn’t possible. We’ll go away as a family and enjoy ourselves in the weeks the kids are with me.

Knowing what you want to achieve in this 6 week period is vital. If you don’t have a body of work sat out in front of you then you can fall into the trap of not prioritising or doing very little at all.

School Summer Holidays And Kids

Go Easy On Yourself

The rest of the year we are prone to beat ourselves up if we miss deadlines or don’t get everything done we wanted to in a day. At this time of the year, go easy on yourself. It isn’t vital that you hit everything when there is so much else going on. Try your best but be aware that there are different, more important time pressures happening.

If you go with the flow to a degree then you can have a good time and still make some progress. That sounds like a great way to deal with the 6 weeks holiday to me.

If you have any worries about the 6 weeks then you can look at other activities for the kids. There are always football camps and other things going on. Look out for the opportunity to drop your kids off for a few hours and get on with your work. They are a godsend. School Summer Holidays And Kids. Tags: ,

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