Are You In A Running Slump? Here’s How To Get Out Of It

If you are in a running slump then it can sometimes feel like nothing will pull you out of it. Running is a great form of exercise, even for us men approaching the ripe old age of fifty! But when you look outside and see the rain or feel a little tired from the exertions of the day it can be easy to call it off for another day. But you don’t have to let it slide. A running slump is temporary. Here are a few ideas to bring you out of it.

Running Slump: Look For The Familiar

When you just don’t feel like running, the familiar sights, feelings, sounds and smells of running can bring you right out of it. For me it’s the podcast I listen to, by Tim Ferriss. Tuning back into this while putting on my running gear always gets me feeling like I mean business again. Even a familiar pair of Running Shorts can do the trick.

look for the familiar to get out of a Running Slump

Running Slump: Don’t Go It Alone

If you are a lone wolf then you won’t know the joys of running with a group of like-minded people. The other advantage of running with some mates is the fact that you feel like you are letting them down if you don’t show. Having a regular weekly run or two with others will keep up your commitment level and bring you right out of that running slump. Committing to it means you stay on course.

Running Slump - find people to run with

Running Slump: Reward Yourself

If you just don’t feel like running then there are most probably other things you’d prefer to spend your time on. So, why don’t you make that thing the reward for going out for a run? If you love watching football on the telly, then don’t allow yourself to settle in front of the match until you’ve been for a run. If you want a beer, then allow yourself one per two miles you run. Grabbing a few pints at the weekend with the boys will carry les guilt if you have put a good few runs in during the week before.

Running Slump - find a reward

Running Slump: What Are You Aiming For?

If the short term goal of a reward isn’t enough to get you out of the running slump, then think about where you want to go with this in the long run. If you have set a long term goal for your running, then you will find that you can get over the slumps far more easily.

I’m running in the Great North Run again this year, raising money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. This target will keep me going as the year goes on. Thinking about standing on the start line unprepared is scary. Raising money for a great cause is inspiring. The two of them together feel like the ultimate carrot and stick for me!

If you are in a running slump then it can feel like the world is against you. Don’t despair. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Use the tricks above to bring you back out of it and put you on course.


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