Men: How To Recover From Achilles Tendon Injury

The Achilles tendon is known to be the largest tendon in the human body, and it extends from the bones of your heel to your calf muscles. This is one to watch out for as we get a little older. There are hundreds of thousands of Achilles Tendon injuries every year. Know how to recover from Achilles Tendon injury.

The tendon itself is vitally important. It allows you point your toes toward the floor and also gives you the ability to tiptoe. The tendon commonly gets injured. Injuries on the Achilles Tendon can be mild or moderate characterized by a burning pain and stiffness in the leg. If your Achilles Tendon is partly torn or completely ruptured, the pain can be severe and worrisome. Here is our short guide to the Achilles Tendon, an injury and what to do about it.

Causes Of Achilles Tendon Injury

There are several potential causes of an Achilles Tendon injury. The main ones are as follows –

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Push up on your toes
  • Playing Tennis
  • Playing Basketball

Recover From Achilles Tendon Injury - how does it happen

Symptoms Of An Achilles Tendon Injury

There are a handful of symptoms connected to an injury in this part of the body. It is a very specific part of the leg, and the pain doesn’t usually travel very far! If you have injured your Achilles, then you will know about it! It can range from a mild ache in the back of the leg or above the heel due to excessive running, jogging and other sporting activities. Stiffness of the leg is another symptom that is easy to recognise.

A rupture or tear of the Achilles Tendon will bring severe pain, and can only be treated with surgery. Bit, for the smaller injuries, there are some simple ways to treat an Achilles Tendon injury.

symptoms of an Achilles Tendon Injury

6 Easy Ways To Recover From Achilles Tendon Injuries

Achilles tendon can be treated surgically or non-surgically depending on the age grade of the affected individual. The non-surgical recovery method is the quickest, easiest and less-expensive way to recover from these pains. If you have pain then here are the things you should do –

  1. Rest Your Legs

Quit applying weight on your leg for the duration of time you are treating yourself. This means stop training, walk as little as possible and generally take it easy. It’s great to have an excuse not to have to take the dog for a walk anyway!

  1. Ice It

Apply Ice and slowly massage your injury for up to 20 minutes as this will go a long way to help in the pain reduction and bone resetting. Cold is a powerful remedy for many of life’s ailments. Look at how it works with the Vagus Nerve.

  1. Compress Your Leg

Tying an elastic bandage around the lower leg and ankle will help keep down swelling. Linking this woth the cold can have a profound effect. With this in mind, look for a Cold Compress to help recover from your Achilles Tendon injury.

  1. Elevate Your Leg

Using a pillow, raise your leg up while sitting or lying down. It will help reduce pain and allow for fluent blood flow in the leg. Elevating your leg will help to reduce the pressure, making it easier for the body to go ahead and do its thing – get you better. You might find that it takes longer to get over injuries as you get older. It’s the same with hangovers!

  1. Take Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen helps in pain and swelling reduction. As normally recommended, take the prescribed dosage with food to avoid dizziness. Don’t forget that ibuprofen isn’t just taken orally. There is a Pain Relief Gel that can help too.

  1. Stretch

Engage in Stretching and body strengthening exercises. These exercises will help free up your muscles and allocate shifted or fractured bones to the right joints. Take it easy at first as you learn how injured you are. There is nothing worse than overstretching an existing injury.

Recover From Achilles Tendon Injury

Summary: How To Recover From Achilles Tendon Injury

While it may seem impossible to prevent Achilles Tendon injuries from happening due to the need to always exercise daily, there are measures and steps one can take to ensure that the risks of having these injuries are greatly reduced:

  • Abstain from activities that place excessive stress and pressure on your tendons
  • Wear adequate shoes that provide cushioning and comfort to your heels while exercising.
  • Stretch daily


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