Prostate Cancer Care: What Men Approaching 50 Need To Know

There is a problem out there. In American men, Prostate cancer is known to be the second most common diagnosed cancer. Looking back in time, about 206,000 men in the United States were diagnosed with the disease in 2009 an in 2018. It was predicted by the American Cancer Society (ACS) that almost 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer that year alone. But this is a global issue. Prostate cancer care is a high priority.

The major causes of prostate cancer is oblivious to the medical community, but it has been researched and found that the disease begins when cells in the gland start exhibiting any Form of abnormality. The abnormal cells contain mutated DNA that causes them to expand and grow faster than normal cells. Forming a tumour as they accumulate,  these abnormal cells live longer than the normal cells.

There is a degree of embarrassment in men getting this very private part of our body checked out. You really shouldn’t. It can be a matter of life and death. Prostate cancer care is going to save lives, that’s for sure.

Prostate Cancer Care

Why Men Approaching 50 Should Test For Prostate Cancer

A greater chance of swift treatment and cure is attributed to early detection. Men Approaching 50 are strongly encouraged to have an annual prostate exam and PSA blood test. This is very important because those diagnosed with a more aggressive form of prostate cancer are left with the treatment options of surgery or radiation. These could simply be avoided through early check-ups at a younger age (approaching 50).

More so, It is important to know the kind of foods to eat while growing up. Though foods containing fats can be of help. And use to the body it is also detrimental to the prostate gland. Studies suggest that uncontrolled intake of fats, especially animal fat is could cause an increment in cases of prostate cancer. While eating grains, nuts, and oilseeds is related to a reduction. Prostate cancer care includes the right diet.

5-alpha reductase once the body hits the age of 40. This enzyme is known to turns the normal testosterone in men into a rogue testosterone compound called DHT(d1hydrotestosterone). This compound increases as your regular testosterone levels decreases. This rise is thought to be one of the reasons that the prostate size increases as we age. And it also causes urinary problems. So instead of blocking it, it is wiser to neutralize the DHT compound with Gi-ions. This causes an increase in the testosterone level creating a win-win situation by the time you hit 50.

Prostate Cancer Care: Why Get Your Prostate Checked?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ever since the PSA Test was introduced, deaths from prostate cancer have drastically been reduced by one third. Prostate cancer if diagnosed and treated in its early stages is can curable. Therefore it is necessary for men approaching 50 to get their prostate tested. Tags: ,

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