Positive Attitude For Men Approaching 50: 3 Key Questions

As we get older, it can feel like we have very little choice in life but to wind up becoming one of the Grumpy Old Men from movie, TV or the internet. But life doesn’t always have to follow this path. A negative attitude can seep into every corner of your world. Your positive attitude will do very much the same – a positive attitude for men approaching 50 can change the way you view your life and everything around it.

The stresses of modern life can start to get us to feel down about so many things –

All of these together can make us get up feeling like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, especially in the winter months where the darkness can change the way we feel. SAD affects millions around the globe and can be relieved in part by SAD light therapy.

Look at the world with a positive attitude for men approaching 50

Why a Positive Attitude Can Help

The way that you look at the world has an effect on the way the world looks to you. The ‘glass is half empty’ approach doesn’t just affect the glass you are looking at, but also affects the way you see the rest of the world at that time and for the next few hours. If you stress about finding a parking space, for example, then driving down a few aisles before dropping into one can feel like a stressful experience. Telling yourself that you’ll find one if you take your time will make the whole experience far less stressful – and this will carry on after you’ve pared and got out.

You may think that a few moments of stress don’t matter. But these moments put together several times a day change the way we view the world. Bitterness and sadness can take over and taint everything you do. Why would you want a life like this? Especially when you have a choice.

Let’s take a look at the three questions that will transform the way you look at everyday situations.

Cultivate a posiitve attitude for men approaching 50

A Positive Attitude and the Questions That Matter

There are three questions that we can use in any given situation where we feel down or negative. having a positive attitude here will transform the way you feel. You have a choice. Here are the three questions –

  1. What is great about this? If you face a situation where you feel negative then turn this around by asking this question first. Ended up with a parking space at the far end of the car park? What’s great about that? You get the chance to walk a little as you don’t get out enough. You can check out some of the other cars to help you select the next car you want to buy. Others who need to be parked close to the shops have the chance to do so. You get to take in the world while you walk. You are fortunate that you can walk that far, when others can’t. And so on. There will be so many things that are great about any given situation. Focus on them rather than the negative parts. That is step one of a positive attitude for a man approaching 50.
  2. What could be better? This is the next step in cultivating a positive attitude for men approaching 50. Again, don’t focus on the negatives but think about how you could make that situation better in the future. Now the straight answer here is to find a space much closer to where you want to be. This question will have the shortest answer of the three questions.
  3. How can you make that happen? In our example, you could leave earlier to ensure you have a better parking space, decide to drive around for a bit longer so you get the one you want or visualise an empty space exactly where you want it. This is the final step for a positive attitude for men approaching 50.

Now you have these three questions (write them down and carry them with you at first) you can start to use them in everyday situations. Every tome you feel some stress or distress at the world in front of you, take a step back and ask these three questions. It will change you into a person with a positive attitude.

Hope this helps!


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